Marvel Studios Partners with IYO Visuals for Multimedia Campaign

By Symone Daniels, Special Contributor

Director Isaac Yowman announces collabo with Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios’ to promote a limited edition, Venom-inspired flavor, “Symbiotic Dark Cherry Limeade,” across multiple platforms. The Venom movie by Sony Marvel Universe hit theaters on October 5, 2018.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with such huge brands and have the opportunity to showcase my creative skills on a worldwide platform,” Isaac says. Yowman is a multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated creative powerhouse — garnering numerous accolades across the entertainment industry, after a decade in the game. He cited professionalism and quality deliverables as the key to staying power. “Creating good content and surrounding myself with people who I think are just as smart or smarter than me [is the key]. I always say, ‘if I’m the smartest person in the room, [I’m] in the wrong room.’ I try to keep creative people around me that are better than me in some way, shape form or fashion.”

His high level of quality content and professionalism definitely ushered in the opportunity to work with Sony, his biggest and most high-profile project to date. His creative direction is behind the stunning visuals to mimic the bold new flavor based around the Marvel character. From conception to completion, Isaac’s creative involvement has been instrumental in bringing the vision to life and executing each aspect of this promotional project for the debut of the Sony Marvel Universe. Yowman describes the campaign as “detailed, motivational and educational” — with a final product sure to lead to more collaborations with major studios in the future.



*Read the full interview with Yoman here.

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