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Visionary Vonn Butler                                                                                      vonnb2_400x400

The original brand, “Urban 247” — was founded by Visionary, Entrepreneur and TSU Professor CeVonn Butler. What originated as an outlet to inform those with “discriminating tastes” — of places to shop, dine and socialize has evolved into a source for relevant, intellectual pop culture and news as well. May Vonn rest in peace, knowing that his vision and legacy will be carried forth on his behalf.

In 2017, Vonn’s brand has resurged as “Urban247 Lifestyle Brand” — in the form of a digital publication.


Long before blogs even existed, Urban247’s “The Loop” was a curated lifestyle source for information on places to dine, shop, socialize and more in popular cities across the nation, reaching upwards to 10,000 subscribers. For special events in a host city, i.e. Super Bowl, Bayou Classic — guides or “mini-mags” were published in print format to provide like-minded patrons this information at their fingertips. The magazine editions became quite popular and known in many urban social circles.


Intelligent Pop Culture, Style + Fresh Perspectives

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